Top 10 Anime Battles Worthy Match – Soulcalibur 6 – Sir Render Vs Taki


Sir Render –

Sorry for the Delay
I wasn’t feeling well still not 100% to be honest

before I needed to recover I planned to put this Video as sort of a Test to see what Raw footage would look like on youtube

I’m also quite proud of myself for the fight itself

Barnaab if you find this vidya sorry for leaving afterwards I really wanted to share the fight with Tendeth and Soulcalibur 6 only saves the last win you had for your friends to view

Full disclosure : This Taki was beating me down before this win this was the 10th battle with 9 losses I figured out his weakness near the end and didn’t want to lose this battle after that epic second victory so i may have abused my advantage a bit at the end XD

Anyway After this video I’ll be uploading another DS2 Super Casual Run vidya In that video I’ll be trying some new editing settings and seeing how that video comes out on youtube

With any luck the overall visual quality of my content will increase
the cost may be the length of my videos or how quickly I can get the upload done

If the next video comes out decent then I’ll go all in on the one after and see how that comes out I’ve got alot of things to try out

Anyway I hope you enjoy the battle
Thank you for watching Good Knight


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