Turn a 3D render into a Promo Image (Photoshop Tutorial)


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  1. dota players laughed when he selected using the lasso towards the end, because everyone knows u initiate with the lasso 🙂

  2. I like the blur tool. It's one of my favourite things to use. I'm always kind of giggling inside when I know: Now I'm just gonna blur everything together

  3. Jazza, mate. Just wanted to thank you very much for these tutorials. It's great to see how another artist approaches things I do a little differently and often learn entirely new tricks. Keep up the good work!

  4. What program did you use to get the rendered image? Did you use the 3d program render? If so, what program do you model with?

  5. you should make a tutorial for making a landscape concept like they use to help make video games or something

  6. Jazza, im not sure if you will read this or not, but, can you do a tutorial on Flash Animation about timing? I am having trouble getting the hang of it. Thanks.

  7. I wasn't expecting you to know about the video. What made you think that I was?

    If you aren't willing to spend $50 on a tablet, then don't. Another piece of advice: Don't whine at someone when they're trying to help you.

  8. Also, sorry if I seem a bit assumptive or condescending with my comments. I'm just trying to establish an outsider's perspective on your comment.

  9. Take another look. It really seems like you were correcting someone on something they didn't say. The phrase "He uses a Wacom tablet" does not mean "Cintiqs are not made by wacom," which is the meaning you seem to have extrapolated from that comment.

    I'm just trying to fully understand the connection you made between using a tablet and cintiqs not being a wacom product.

  10. …I'm sorry, I don't see how that comment was constructive, or even relevant, for that matter.

    Don't lower yourself to name calling. Especially when nothing about the conversation you've entered is even remotely argumentative.


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