Undertale "Experiment" Parody (Minecraft Animation)


Check out the voice actor and his comic dub videos at:
Mr. Amazing Va , Youtube Channel

if you did like to watch the original Comic dub from this parody , you can check it out

Experiment [Underfell Frans Comic Dub] from Mr. Amazing Va:

(P.S , i just hoping can collab with him)

hey there im back , and yes new animation and a new record animation in 2 minutes, (iyay!!)

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Hello , welcome to “about” RydexSheldon’s channel, this channel is about MINECRAFT (mostly are Parody animation) , you can find minecraft animations , gameplay , intros, templates, and LIMITED TIME TEMPLATES!

my top fav things to make for Animation:
-Romance (1st)
-Fighting (2nd)
-Roleplaying (3rd)
-Based on game (4th)

I upload the video almost everyday , except college time.

so i upload videos on holiday time :
-On Weekends
-On Weekdays
-Every Months

i upload videos on work in College time :
-On Weekends
-Every Months

Thats for the information about RydexSheldon’s channel , thanks and bye for now ( ^ -^)~RydexSheldon

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  1. 😎RydexSheldon,I am your fan meihong lee,My name has been changed to a Chinese name,And my picture has also been changed,Please forgive me 😎


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