VEGAS Pro 17: Best Render Settings For YouTube (1080p) – Tutorial #436


Welcome back everyone! Today I will be showing you the best render settings for YouTube (1080p) in VEGAS Pro 17! If you enjoy this video, feel free to subscribe! Make sure to SMASH that like button below as well! Stick around for more content!

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  1. Great video. I ran in to the problem of using 1080 60i video from an older camera. I had to use "Force Resample" to convert to 1080 60p video to reduce the interlaced lines for faster motion video. Otherwise for 60p, I use "Disable Resample" like you do in the video.

  2. I may not even watch any of your other videos, but this video was SO HELPFUL that ive not only liked, but also subscribed!

    Thanks for this man, really appreciate it

  3. In Western Europe, we use the PAL system. So NTSC ain't the "best" setting"-Might be a good idea to specify which country you're based in, when doing such technical toturials-

  4. Hello i m getting problem after rendering can you pls help with it?
    I have recorded in 60fps but when i render at 2560*1440 60fps my video getting at low like more blury and like low quality…what should i do?

  5. Can maybe someone help me? Every time I click render as, svp just closes. Is it maybe because my computer is not good enough?
    What can I do? Please help

  6. Hey man I’m doing a Fortnite montage and I did the exact setting but the montage keeps becoming pixelated. Any help would be appreciated

  7. These settings are not good for fortnite montages
    I repeat these settings are not good for fortnite montages😂
    My video looked like a straight potato

  8. can somebody help me? I did the setting but I can't go to the apply bc It's too big and he taskbar hides it but when I move it ,it goes back in the original place .It's so annoying …

  9. Dude, I used to watch your videos back in 2015 when I was editing… im back into editing now, and im right back here for the amazing support, so thank you dude! <3


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