where ENDERMAN GIRLS store ENDER PEARLS… | Minecraft "A Science Failure" [#5]


Returning from meeting the Anime Minecraft Spider sisters, we confront Andr (the Enderman/ Enderwoman) and ask her for her Ender Pearl so we can eventually go to the End. The process seems ALOT more complicated with the Anime Enderman though…

Minecraft Anime returns with “Minecraft – A Science Failure”. We’re tasked to RESEARCH this world and turn the Anime mobs to their original forms and are told NOT TO INTERACT with the Anime Minecraft girls and mobs… but will we end up even doing that..?

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About the video: We play another Minecraft Visual Novel. This time we play Minecraft – A Science Failure. In this one, we’re tasked to explore the Minecraft world, and gather nformation and items from it, so the “Virtual Entertainment Laboratory” can make a formula to transform the mobs back to their original state… but will we be able to without getting distracted by the mobs who live here?

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  1. If the enderwoman hide in the private place then the males hide it in the balls maybe they only have one becuase they drop one ender pearls

  2. We should get Mairsu a wife or girlfriend because he literally always plays anime

    If you vote in commentsreply he can have both too


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