Wilson disease – causes, symptoms, diagnosis, treatment & pathology


What is Wilson’s disease (Wilson disease)? You usually take in more copper than your body needs every day, and any excess is excreted.

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  1. good but not excellent, did not mention all the possible symptoms and did not mention relation of ATP7A to Menkes disease also did not mention histopathology of liver or any other tissue affected, also did not mention kidneys involvement, eg Rickets or Osteomalacia due to phosphate loss in Proximal Convoluted tubules or Tubular Acidosis due to loss of bicarbonate

  2. Hi I am a suffer and my unusual story can be found on my you tube site under Hemochromatosis hope it can help somebody out there

  3. My friend was recently diagnosed with both autoimmune hepatitis and Wilson disease. The diagnostic process was really long and involved as it's a rare disorder. Thanks for this video. It really helped me understand it better.

  4. 1:51 Shouldn't it be 6 ATOMS of copper (instead of molecules)? Coming from a non-med chem student so I might be mistaken.

  5. Beautiful video! Thank you so much for your continuous efforts to help us med students. Is there an easy way to track videos that have been updated via the website – haven’t noticed this feature. Would especially help when videos are updated yet older ones are still in circulation.
    Best regards, Ryan

  6. nice video, but why aren't the osmosis videos no longer regrouped by speciality in the playlist? it used to be so helpful.


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